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Users are responsible for all actions performed under their userid and password. Policies for system use are defined in the Computer User's Agreement, ACIPA, NACIPA, FACIPA, SCIPA, F-407, and F-408, or their predecessor agreements. Userids are issued under one of these agreements. Policy statements are contained in policy databases via GO. By proceeding past this screen, you agree, acknowledge, and consent to the following: (1) You will comply with Company policies; (2) You will not intentionally attempt access to information you have no authority to access; (3) The Company uses filtering mechanisms to tag, block, and delete email that it considers to be unsolicited commercial email, virus-infected, contains inappropriate content, not business related, that poses a potential security risk, or that is otherwise deemed unacceptable; and (4) The Company retains its right to protect the integrity of its systems and to conduct investigations as a result of a report of inappropriate conduct or violations of its policies or applicable law and that in doing so, the Company may access the content stored on its systems. This information may evidence misuse of the system and may, for various reasons, be used in legal proceedings, civil or criminal, whether or not you are personally involved.